Qatar E-commerce Opportunities

Posted by Radhe

While the world might be going through a slowdown, one particular sector is growing for sure. And, that’s the eCommerce industry. E-commerce has been a game-changer for almost every single industry out there and became a savior for not just the consumers but also for the companies that can utilize it for their benefit. It has effectively reduced our dependency on retail outlets. It’s not just about Qatar, E-Commerce is a Worldwide opportunity and many nations are acknowledging its benefits.

It has been a revelation that people spend more time on their mobile than on other outdoor activities.  The online ads being displayed on Google, Facebook and YouTube act as a catalyst that is helping the e-commerce sector grow even more. If you notice, most of the ads shown online are of E-commerce brands. This is also one of the reasons why e-commerce is becoming so popular.

A report suggests that the eCommerce industry in Qatar is expected to grow from QAR 4.7 Billion to QAR 12 Billion by 2022. The average purchase value per order in Qatar stands at US $260.

Qatar has the best environment for e-commerce adoption, including a population with high levels of income; high Internet consumption and speed, mobile, and good connectivity. However,  lots of inhibitors are stopping Qatar from realizing its full e-commerce benefits.

Some of the top E-commerce websites and brands running in Qatar right now are Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Mzadqatar.

There are many categories that benefit from e-commerce sales products out there in the E-commerce space but some of the most popular ones are fashion, electronics, travel, home decor, entertainment. These kinds of products give a great kickstart to this industry in Qatar

A lot of credit goes to the logistics companies that are acting as a backbone for these e-commerce startups and businesses. JSL Global is the front runner in helping support direct-to-consumer e-commerce deliveries.

Taking everything into consideration there’s a lot of space for new initiative and innovation even now. There are lots of new brands and startups coming up with new problem-solving products. Some of the popular brands love to sell their products on their own website rather than on Amazon or any other third-party website. It also helps them get good margins and build their own “brand”  in the market.

One element that got growth in online shopping was EButler, a one-stop administration stage that as of late raised a sum of QR3.4m ($934,000) in seed subsidizing, as per neighborhood media reports. The stage has helped a scope of organizations receive an omnichannel way to deal with giving labor and products, and now addresses more than 300 shippers.

There is a huge rise in selling products online, on Facebook marketplace, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and on other social media platforms, and lots of merchants have started their own eCommerce store and are scaling it.

A lot of consumers started shopping online but still offline shopping is going to stay. However, in the long run, they also need to find innovative ideas to sell their products.

Every day, the number of offline merchants selling items through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization is increasing. And the number of social commerce merchants is expected to further increase with the upcoming World Cup 2022 which is scheduled to be hosted in Qatar. It will be an ideal opportunity for eCommerce businesses to sell more products and grow their revenue.