Documents required for customs clearance.

Original Invoice should be prepared as follows :-
  • Original Invoice must be issued by the supplier (on a company letter head) Invoice No. and Date should be mentioned on the top Invoice must be in English Description of goods with harmonized system / tariff commodity code (Each and every items to be segregated as per country of origin) Quantity, unit and total price of each item should be mentioned. Number of boxes / pieces / packages / pallets to be mentioned. Net weight should be mentioned. Gross weight mentioned, should tally with MAWB / HAWB
  • IncoTerms should be specified in the commercial invoice and it shown in the Invoice DDU, DDP, FCA,DQ etc… the freight value and the insurance value to be shown separately if fail the invoice will consider as FOB then the customs department will take the freight amount from AWB in order to them levy the Duty.
  • Currency should be specified (USD,EURO, STG etc…) Country of origin must be mentioned on the invoice ( for example : Country of origin Italy) Not to be indicated as one word like European community Should be stamped by the supplier (company seal to be affixed on the invoice) Should be signed by an authorised person (representing the company) Has to be attested by Chamber of Commerce at Origin.
Packing List should be prepared as follows:-
  • Original Packing list to be issued by the supplier Should be stamped by the supplier (i.e. company seal to be affixed on the packing list) Should be signed by an authorised person (representing the company) Should list all the items in detail (i.e. Quantity, weight (Gross & Net )
Certificate of Origin should be as follows:-
  • Documents need only be notarized by the origin chamber of Commerce. Original certificate origin signed & stamped by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Should show the Invoice Number & Country of Origin
  • If the Certificate of Origin has been prepared on a shipper letter head / Shipper own format it is mandatory to obtain the emboss seal from the Chamber of Commerce on the Certificate of Origin and shipper Invoice, i/e if the Certificate of Origin is on a format of chamber of Commerce of origin, has been issued then the rubber stamp is accepted on the Certificate of Origin and shipper Invoice

Note :

As per Qatar Customs new rules (Effective: April 1st 2011), all shipment bound to Qatar must be accompanied with Original Invoice and Original Certificate of Origin, Otherwise the shipment could be returned back to origin or at best be penalized and kept on hold at customs warehouse until the original documents are surrendered.

We strongly recommend, that all shipments should be accompanied by original invoice and certificate of origin to avoid penalties and delays and storage charges.

Penalty :

The customs Authorities, as a first time offense, may release the shipment after imposing a penalty for non- original Documents. the penalty applied for non original invoice will be against (CIF value) with a min USD 150 or 1% whichever is higher and penalty for non original certificate of origin will be min USD150 max up to Max USD 300.00.

Storage Fees :

The cargo will be incurring heavy storage after the free time (5 days free from Date of arrival) the storage charges will be charges USD 0.55 to USD 0.88 per kg/per Day.

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