JSL Global combine our group promise with our service performance
We are much more than just a logistics provider. JSL Global our Team is also a consultant, a partner and a trusted contact person for you, our customers. Our ambition is to secure your business and help you to multiply your growth opportunities. We support and accompany you as a reliable trade companion on your way to global challenges.

Our product is service. Our value added is our Logistics Consultancy.

Our strategy: customer-centric not product-centric

  • Confident – We want to be seen as thoughtfully prepared. We’ve done our homework.
  • Reliable – We want to be seen as consistent and dependable. People can count on us.
  • Downto-earth – People should feel comfortable doing business with us.
  • Eager – We want to show an active interest in our colleagues’ and customers’ needs. We want to respect their time.
  • Supportive – We want to show we care.

We also have what we call a “signature” for our company, to help show how our brand is different: “Together we’ll go far.” It means we want to guide and advise our customers so they’ll be more confident and rely JSL Global for their logistics needs. As a result, they expect to “go far” in their Global Business strategy”.