Nowadays refrigerated trucks or reefer trucks are extremely necessary for transporting any goods from one place to another (Especially in Retail Distribution Section), as some of these goods might need special equipment to keep them in best conditions necessary.

A company’s product is not sell-able if quality of the product deteriorates – in that case, the Logistics machinery is not capable of keeping the product in the best circumstances as possible, refrigerated trucks and vans are capable of doing that with the latest scientific and technological advancements.

What are the advantages of Temperature Controlled Cargo systems/Reefer Trucks? – Let us list a few of them below:

1) Reliable

JSL Global is a company based in Qatar, has been a key player in the logistics industry for quite some time, and with all the other features that it offers, it also has direct drive refrigerated trucks that are powered by the trucks itself and not any third party power source, these third-party sources carry the risk of losing charge hence resulting in the products losing their value.

2) Safety

Although JSL Global already offers physical security in terms of well-built cargo trucks and technically advanced tracking systems installed – ensuring that the quality of the product is maintained is also an important duty of any Logistics company, refrigerated trucks or reefers are used for transporting not just perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, but also lifesaving medicines, chemicals, wines and even certain electronic items that require particular temperatures for them to stay safe, reliable and usable.

3) Cold and Heat

Refrigerated trucks usually have both heating and cooling options so that a steady temperature required to maintain the product in the correct condition depends upon the individual product’s need, hence these reefers (a short version for refrigerated trucks) can be customized to change between the most freezing temperatures (storage of fish and meat products) to temperatures about atmosphere levels. That is why the reefers are capable of carrying almost anything from flowers to live animals.

The temperature of the cargo area can be completely controlled by the driver by the use of a gauge and can be easily manipulated accordingly to ensure the quality is maintained.

JSL Global is a reputed cold chain logistics service provider based in Doha-Qatar.

“Your One Stop solution for all Reefer / Freezer Small-Medium size trucks rental or any 20 feet or 40 feet Refer Container with Clip-on Genset rental“

@JSL Trucks Key advantages

  • Minute-by-minute temperature report while the truck is on the road
  • Alert in case the cargo door is opened at unauthorized location
  • Alert in case of route deviation, unauthorized stop
  • Ensure that trucks operate on the designated route
  • Works in offline recording mode in case of no GSM / GPRS
  • Immobilizer function to lock and unlock the engine from your mobile to prevent vehicle theft

Useful for transportation of

  • Frozen food
  • Wines & liquors
  • Perishable goods like fruits / vegetables with a life span of a week
  • Food items like ice-creams that require cold storage
  • Vaccines and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals
  • High End Garments

Stay in touch with your cargo, always!

Instant SMS notifications on crucial events

  • Temperature goes beyond threshold values
  • Truck deviates from preset route
  • Refrigerated container doors are opened at unauthorized location
  • Unscheduled stops due to breakdown or any other reason

Real-time monitoring

  • Real-time location tracking of vehicles using digital maps
  • Real time temperature monitoring with programmable time intervals


  • Minute by minute temperature history during complete travel time
  • Refrigerator compressor ON / OFF report
  • Print or export to Excel
  • Trip report with analysis of routes taken, stops, unscheduled stops


  1. Reliability: Our genset fleet is exceptionally young and maintained to the highest levels. They are also built to last with the direct injection engine designed to handle the most rugged of operating environments.
  2. Cold Chain Security: Gensets allow the security of keeping the cold chain complete throughout the stages of perishable product delivery, providing 460v of continuous power for uninterrupted protection.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: Our gensets are fitted with a dual mode option of “eco” or “power” which controls the running speed after start-up. Eco mode provides approximately 25% efficiency in fuel consumption dependent on ambient temperatures and reefer set point.
  4. Flexibility: Gensets enable you to run reefers without an electrical connection, therefore ensuring that you are not tied down to a specific location.

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