As dedicated space with the characteristics of Sohar Free Trade Zone area, the bonded zone plays a role of bonding processing, storage, and clearance port.

Our clients can enjoy the exclusive rights of importing, re-exporting, and warehousing excise cargo, exemption from customs duty/excise tax/ VAT beyond the borders and free entry and exit of goods beyond the borders.

Distance from SOHAR FREE ZONE

  • Muscat: 250 kms
  • Dubai: 200 kms
  • Abu-Dhabi: 275kms
  • Riyadh: 1115kms

JSL Global Sohar Freezone company has been supplying logistics services for the bonded zone.


  • Pay only for the space your products are stored and services used.
  • No long term contracts or minimum period required. Day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year, or any period of storage is accepted
  • Bonded Warehouse in the Free Trade Zone
  • Close Proximity to Muscat, Oman / Dubai & Abu Dhabi – UAE / Well connected with Hamad port, Qatar
  • Our General Trading license allow you to import all cargo (Except DG) in Freezone name and re-export to Middle East countries.
  • JSL Sohar is registered at Chamber of commerce and can make Re export documents like Commercial invoice, packing list & Certificate of origin.

JSL Sohar Freezone s is a licensed 3PL in the Free Trade Zone bonded area. Any company can consign goods to JSL name without having to open their office/staffing or having a license to operate from the region. Companies can stock inventory at JSL Sohar warehouse without having to pay any import customs duty / VAT for any re-export of cargoes to other countries.

JSL Sohar Freezone is multi-country, transshipment and re-export hub with a community that supports various sectors such FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas & Construction industry.