Jet Shipping &  Navigation (JSN) established in 2018 in Doha, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jassim Customs Group where JSL Global is affiliated.  JSN , like its parent company the Jassim Customs Group, is accredited with an ISO 9001:2008 which underlines the need for continual improvement on service efficiency.

JSN acts as a neutral agent for several NVOCC/principle based in various countries. JSN is a registered container handling agents at 2 ports in Qatar – Ruwais Port & Hamad Port.

JSN, has been representing, as Managing Agents for the entire Qatar region, few prominent NVOCC (Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier), working on trade lane between India/Pakistan/Oman to Qatar and vice versa.

JSN can handle import containers destined for Qatar ports and can efficiently handle the documentation required in this process along with IGM/TP filling with the Qatar customs.

JSN has arrangements with various yard owners, storage and repair facilities of containers owned by the principals, we have a proper reporting system and SOP in place, to enable the clients to exactly know the inventory status at Hamad port or at our yard. Due to the advantage of having a sizable sales team and huge customer base, we also solicit booking import shipments from the locations where the principal has inventories.

JSN has the expertise to book FCL shipments Ex Hamad port for various ports offered by the principal for Gulf/ Far East/ Indian subcontinent. We currently book shipments mainly for Oman, India & Pakistan.  Our export volume of 100 TEUs per month which is growing rapidly. JSN provides competitive rates to its customers and is in the favored position to compete with the market leaders in the NVOCC market trade. JSN provides reporting /tracking to its customers and principal/clientele. JSN has excellent relation with feeder operators/slot operators/leading company’s which helps JSN in providing timely space and loading on its vessels to its customers.

JSL Global –  owned agent network in India, Pakistan, Persian Gulf. Qatar and Oman facilitates a superior service coverage for JSN’s customers and an expansion of service coverage is regularly being planned.

We are more than the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global hub agency, husbandry, ship spares logistics, underwater , Chemical supplies and more. Either we handle an entire fleet or a single vessel, JSN comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.

JSN’s tailor-made solutions keep you fully informed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while we promptly meet your needs and adapt to changing conditions.

JSN has excellent local knowledge and rapport with local authorities, and handles @400 containers per month & 4 vessels monthly from its strategic operating bases in the Ports of Ruwais, Qatar & Hamad Port, Qatar.

The company provides the following services to all types of vessels calling at local ports/terminals:-

  • Customs formalities (single window)
  • Provision of spare and supplies
  • Agency and logistics support
  • Husbandry services
  • Drydocking support

Port Agency
We represent the interests of a wide range of shipping companies & ship owners whose vessels call at the Hamad port & Ruwais Port, Qatar.

Sea & Air Consolidation 
JSL Global- Aff of JSN represent HTFN & FFSI network. The large volume of sea & air freight currently moving through the Global Logistics System has been beneficial in collective bargaining & reducing our costs, thereby providing an economical & efficient transport solution, even to our most demanding customers.