There’s a new way to use dry containers to transport bulk cargoes such as beans, malt, fertilizer, foodstuffs, and chemicals from vanning to devanning. NYK has offered transportation systems such as Linerbag, and VIBRACON(PNEUMACON), and their performance is rising.


This is equipment for vanning bulk cargo by means of air pressure delivery. Its features are:

  • No breakage of cargo.
  • Equipment is easily movable.
  • It can van 17 tons in 15 minutes.
  • It can be used with a variety of cargo such as grains and chemicals, including pellets.
  • It can fulfill various needs/usages bring in mind the cargo’s character and stowage style.


By fitting the polyethylene liner shown in the illustration below into the interior of a dry container, in-transit accidents such as the dirtying or wetting of contents can be eliminated. Its features are:

  • It is highly applicable for clean cargoes since it is used only once.
  • It is made of soft, pliable fabric with plenty of elasticity. This means it is easy to use and difficult to tear.
  • It makes devanning easy and safe.
  • By enabling the use of ordinary dry containers, container assignment becomes easy and it becomes possible to respond quickly to shipment timing.