Ocean freight ushers in a new era with instant quotes

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JSL Global – Qatar-Oman-Dubai-India-Myanmar sharing their views

We are living in an era where people are buying and selling stocks, booking flights, buying products, and signing contracts online. That’s why the idea of searching cargo shipping rates by mobile emails should be pleasing. 

But still, the digital utilization is low by shippers, forcing consignors and freight forwarders to wait days instead of seconds to conclude rates and confirm container space. The waves are shifting, though, as three of the most extended container lines, including Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, and Maersk, now have instant rating and charging through their websites, for at least some box types and roads.

How instant quoting affects stakeholders 


Short and midsize shippers will be champions in the movement of instant quotes. Larger carriers move 60% to 75% of packages with locked-in charges in three to 12-month agreements, said Nerijus Poskus, vice president and global head of ocean freight at Flexport. 

Immediate booking also clarifies the workflow for carriers. Maersk notes its offline process contains 13 steps including correspondence and paperwork. Using instant booking reduces that to five online actions. 

With instant booking, shippers like Maersk are advising extra perks. Maersk Spot guarantees to fill within three days of the expected starting time. 


Just as carriers benefit from clarity in a short path, shippers have an opportunity to profit as well. Carriers digitizing paths where technology is required can be fresh or even prime for the business. 

Those with digital offerings satisfying the Pacific or Atlantic paths will already have some competition.

Freight forwarders 

As one of the most generous professional sources for carriers, instant quotes are a big chance for freight forwarders. In addition to time savings, there’s a potential decrease in shipping costs, as they can more clearly compare rates by buying around. 

“They can send more effectively,” adding more shippers into the circle, Buchman, Chief Marketing Officer, Freightos said. Just like in airline travel, freight forwarders will look at a diversity of options including pricing and transition timing to make establishments.

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Freight forwarders: It’s an opportunity to change 

Hapag-Lloyd penalizes customers $50 per sale for booking on the telephone or via email. Shifting workplace demographics, where Millennials constitute an increasing part of the U.S. workforce, are also making the digital transformation. 

With so much capacity measured by freight forwarders, the digital possibilities are infinite. 

Freight forwarders have a genuine chance of getting value-added before the freight lines can do it.